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2024-2025 School Year
Elementary Spanish Grades K-2nd (In-Person)
Location: Pacific Coast Learning Center in Westminster, CA
Wednesday 10:15-11:15

Instructor: Señora Garner
Class starts August 28, 2024 (Orientation 8/21/24)
Contact PCLC for Registration

Students will be introduced to the Spanish language and no previous knowledge is required. We will briefly explore where Spanish is mostly spoken and then move on to language. Participants will learn to count in Spanish with the numbers one to ten. They will learn to identify the colors verbally and in writing in addition to basic greetings used in Spanish. 


Cost**: $335

Payment schedules are available. Charter students may utilize payment options offered through their respective charters.  Payments directly to Spanish Advantage may be made through this site or via Zelle and Venmo.

**There is an annual student fee for all students taking classes at Pacific Coast Learning Center. This fee can be paid directly to PCLC when registering for classes.  However, some charter schools allow for this fee to be added to the cost of classes rather than being paid out-of-pocket by parents. If permitted, the full registration fee amount may be added to to your initial purchase order.

Themes covered in Elementary Spanish:

  • Greetings

  • ​Likes/Dislikes

  • ​Family

  • ​Culture focus

  • School life

  • Seasons

  • Farm

  • Spring Garden

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