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School Year 2023-2024
High School Spanish 1 (In Person)

Location: Pacific Coast Learning Center, Westminster, CA
Session 1:  Thursdays 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Session 2: Thursdays 2:45pm - 4:15pm
NOTE: 2nd Session is dependent on minimum class of 15 students.
Instructor: Señora Garner
Class starts August 29, 2024 (Orientation 8/22/24)

Contact PCLC for Registration Information

A-G approved

(8th grade students may take High School Spanish 1 to receive high school credit with charter approval)

Students will develop fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while gaining vocabulary that is necessary for basic proficiency. In addition, coursework will include learning about a variety of Latin American cultures, history and geography of the Spanish-speaking world. This is a one-year (two semester) course.

This course is held in person each Thursday at Pacific Coast Learning Center in Westminster, CA. Weekly class sessions are designed to practice oral conversation and review material covered in students' weekly homework. Homework is assigned via Google Classroom.  Spanish1 is a one-year (two semester) course.

Cost**: $400 per semester

Payment schedules are available at check-out. Payments may be made through this site or via Zelle and Venmo.  Charter students may utilize payment options offered through their respective charters. 

**There is an annual student fee for all students taking classes at Pacific Coast Learning Center. Some charter schools allow for this fee to be added to the cost of classes rather than being paid out-of-pocket by parents. If your charters permits, the full registration fee may be added to the initial Purchase Order.


There is no need to purchase a textbook, as all educational material is included in the course fee. If desired, any traditional high school Spanish textbook may be used as a resource.  The thematic curriculum will align with the topics covered in high school Spanish textbooks. The online resources associated with the curriculum will cover grammar concepts and vocabulary included in High School Spanish 1. 

Websites used:

  • Edpuzzle - assignments include watching videos of Spanish instructors and native Spanish speakers. Students practice comprehension by answering multiple choice questions.

  • Garbanzo - assignments include reading interactive stories and answering related questions.

  • Senor Wooley -activities increase comprehension through music videos making learning more fun and engaging.  

  • Blooket - students review vocabulary utilizing interactive games.

  • Quizlet - Weekly flashcards provided to practice and learn new Spanish words.

  • Flipgrid- Students make videos of self speaking Spanish using vocabulary and topics presented in class to be turned into the instructor via Flipgrid.

At the end of Spanish 1, students will:

  • Understand and use basic Spanish in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  • Know common sets of words, such as days of the week, months, numbers 1-100, alphabet, colors, clothes, foods, parts of the body, common classroom objects, polite expressions, etc.

  • Ask and answer simple questions in the present tense about common topics such as dates, time, friends, family, daily activities,sports and pastimes, likes and dislikes, etc.

  • Comprehend reading passages with simple vocabulary and sentence structure.

  • Write sentences and/or short paragraphs in the present tense about topics studied.

  • Become acquainted with the countries in which Spanish is spoken and understand some of their geographic features, cultural features, similarities and differences.


Semester 1 Topics

  • Alfabeto y nombres/ Alphabet and names (weeks 1,2)

  • Saludos y despedidas/ Greetings & Goodbyes (weeks 3,4)

  • Edad y números/ Age & Numbers (week 5)

  • ¿De dónde eres?/ Where are you from? (weeks 6,7)

  • Información personal/ Personal Information (week 8)

  • Gustos, disgustos, y comida/ What I like, dislikes & food (weeks 9,10)

  • Deportes, música, y actividades/Sports, Music & Activities (weeks 11,12)

  • Preguntas con ir/ Going Places (weeks 13,14)

  • Final Exam Study Prep (week 15)

  • Final Exam (week 16)

Semester 2 Topics

  • Pasatiempos/ Hobbies (week 1)

  • Familia/ Family (weeks 2,3)

  • Descripciones/ Descriptions (weeks 4,5)

  • Hablando de otros/ Talking About Others (weeks 6, 7, 8)

  • Reacciones y sentimientos/ Reactions & Emotions (week 9)

  • Mi vida cotidiana/ Daily Life & Time (weeks 10,11)

  • La escuela/ School (weeks 12 and 13)

  • Fechas y fiestas/ Dates & Holidays (week 14)

  • Final Exam Study Prep (week 15)

  • Final Exam (week 16)

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